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Released: 21/07/23

Edited: 21/07/23


A Message From The Administrator:

It is with great pleasure and a sense of solemn duty that I present to you this comprehensive repository of SCP documentation. 

Within these virtual halls, you will find an assembly of informational knowledge. It is my sincere hope that this repository of information serves as an invaluable resource for those within the Foundation, as well as those curious souls outside its walls. As the Administrator, I implore you to approach this knowledge with a sense of responsibility and to understand that its dissemination comes with a grave sense of duty. 

May this archive shed light on the unexplainable, illuminate the shadows of the unknown, and stand as a testament to the resilience of humanity in the face of the anomalous. 


Foundation Codex:

Serves as the main handbook and codex for the Foundation, providing general knowledge about the Foundation and its many opportunities. 

Code of Ethics:

The Code of Ethics serves as the principal and most supreme piece of legislation in the Foundation, trumping all guidelines, directions, and orders provided by any Foundation authority. 


An overview of every department within Site Euphrates, its application, discord server, and group.

Command Dossier:

Case files on every concurrent O5 Council member.

Additional Information:

Contains authors, additional links, and footnotes.



Site Euphrates spares no expense in defence; though a pay increase is declined. Disposable Personnel, desperate to return to the light, locked several sectors under, cruelly used as test subjects. Terrorising monsters, a secret buried for decades, and a primordial entity deep below. 

What awaits for you in Site Euphrates? 


'<SCP> Foundation' is a passion project founded by ExaIIted initially launched in 2019, but was relaunched in 2021 under the informal name of 'Site Euphrates' the planned main facility of the Foundation. Since its launch, it has seen many come and go, but remains steadfast in its mission to bring a unique experience to the SCP genre on ROBLOX. 

Site Euphrates prides itself on rich lore, efficient systems, and its use of technological innovations. Above all, Site Euphrates remains a great atmosphere for a friendly, non-toxic community centred around the shared interest of the SCP wiki.

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