Command Dossier


Special Containment Procedures Foundation

ExaIIted's SCPF

Site Euphrates

Released: 21/07/23

Edited: 22/07/23

Clearance: Secret

Classification: Omni


Needless to say, you’re not supposed to be viewing these files. 

I say: take a chance. You’ve come this far.

Some of the following information is true. Some of it’s false, even ridiculous. Sometimes I know for sure, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’ll lie. It doesn’t matter. Whatever I’ve told you here, someone somewhere believes it. And belief has power.



O5 Command

O5 Command: 13 people who have ultimate control over the Foundation. Unusual personalities with way too much power. They do not and cannot come into contact with any anomalous entities. Mostly everyone is afraid of them. They know absolutely everything there is to know about the Foundation and its activities. They rarely intervene in the containment of SCPs… except when they do. O5 Command are the masters of the Foundation, and not everyone knows they exist. 

Nothing is certain.

Especially not us. God no.

Maybe. Maybe there are 13, maybe they are people. They’re not supposed to come into contact with anomalous entities, but in secret, sometimes they do. Who are they? Where did they come from? What secret goals are they striving towards? Either way, O5 Command is the cornerstone of the Foundation. At the very least, they have the Foundation’s best interests at heart… Maybe.

The Administrator

The Administrator: Figure of little-known nature playing a role best understood by O5 Command. Possibly anomalous, possibly multiple people. Represents the Foundation in meetings with major world government figures.


Maybe you’re asking the wrong questions.

It’s an open secret amongst the upper echelons of the Foundation that “The Administrator” (as popularly known) never at any point existed, but was a clever fiction created by another person or persons (or… something else) within the Foundation for the purposes of unifying a fractious organisation.

As for what should be made of that, no one agrees.


The O5 Council. O5 Command. The Overseers. Overwatch.

These are the people who have ultimate control over the Foundation.

Each O5 member knows almost everything there is to know about the Foundation and its activities. Between them all, they know every single secret that the Foundation holds.

Most Foundation personnel spend their entire careers without seeing them. Members below Clearance Level 2 don't even know they exist. Most people outside the 

Foundation has never heard of them, or don't think they are real.

Most everyone is afraid of them. An O5 walks into a room, and everyone pisses their pants. That's what happens when you hold supreme power over one of the scariest organisations in world history.

This dossier will show you contradictory reports on each of the O5 Council members.

My research has been comprehensive, but the very nature of my enemy makes it impossible to know which answer, if any, is true.

There seem to be ████████ members of the O5 Council, although even that is questionable. But perhaps there is only one. 

Perhaps none of these are true. The end of this dossier presents well-sourced reports that question the veracity of almost every single assumption made here. You must judge carefully.

O5-2 "The Despot"



- Overseer Designation: O5-2 

Codename: "The Despot" 

- Description: Polish male, blonde, wavy hair. Typically in uniform of the ████████ organisation. 

- Discovery: O5-2 was discovered by the foundation after the formation of the ████████ organisation, a scientific research organisation in Poland. Qualified in many fields of science, he decided to apply, in secrecy, to join the ranks of the foundation. By rising the ranks, O5-2 has become familiar with the foundation, and a crucial element of the O5 council. 

- Feats and Events: O5-2's leadership of the ████████ organisation has led to an unnaturally large growth of the Foundation.

O5-3 "The Proxy"



- Overseer Designation: O5-3 

- Codename: "The Proxy" 

- Description: Male. Appears to have European descent and unknown origin. He is of slightly above average height, and wears a suit and a pair of goggles at all times. He started wearing a tactical vest often as of ██/██/██. 

- Discovery: on █/██/██ O5-3 abruptly appeared on the border of southern ████, near Site-██. When questioned he stated that he partook in an experiment, but that was all he would say., It was widely received that whatever incident he took part in resulted in a shattering of himself. Causing the same variation of O5-3 to exist simultaneously within two different realities. It’s still unknown what exactly happened, but O5-3 rose in rank within the foundation, opting to join Ethics, to prevent unethical testing like he was victim to. He is seen in public sporadically, with no set agenda. 

Documented Abilities: 

- O5-3 refuses to state why he constantly wears goggles. Some believe if you look into his eyes, you see an alternate reality. Purely speculation however. 

- When O5-3 moves, he has a split second ghost of himself trailing his movements. It's unknown as to why exactly this phenomenon happens. 

- The current status of O5-3's alternate reality self are █████ and ███████ ███ ███ █████ ████████ ████ ██████████ ████. 

- Misc. O5-3 also has slightly improved resilience, speed, and strength. 

- Feats and Events: 

On ██/██/██, O5-3 manifested a bullet wound in his upper abdomen. Upon investigation, no bullet was found, and O5-3 soon recovered. It was believed that in the other reality he may have been shot, explaining the wound. He would likely have died, had he not been surrounded by people in this reality.

O5-5 "The Stranger"


O5-6 "Atarah"



-Overseer Designation: O5-6 

- Codename: “Atarah” 

- Description: Akiva Atarah is a young male of Middle-Eastern descent; He has an unknown will to improve despite failing on most first attempts at tasks. This leads to refining known skills and prominent expertise in chosen areas. 

-Discovery: Atarah was located after rumours of an unusually skilled doctor in an area with no resources for medical care:██████, 60 miles east of █████████. Foundation operatives were then sent to investigate; Atarah complied with operatives and was taken into custody. 

- Feats and Events: Atarah has been known to adapt to many different roles while others are absent and unable to. Atarah is willing to take on any job and will be available at most regular hours.

O5-7 "The Fortress"



- Overseer Designation: O5-7 

- Codename: “The Fortress” 

- Description: O5-7 is believed to be a male of British descent renowned for his quick intellect and his stubborn and steadfast personality. 

- Discovery: O5-7 was discovered after the foundation received reports of the anomalous ability of an individual to somehow walk away unharmed after suffering what would usually be life threatening injuries. When foundation operatives tried to capture him for study he resisted violently and there was an armed confrontation. During this confrontation he received a gunshot wound to his head. The operatives then took what they thought to be his corpse back to the foundation facility in ████████. When he was unloaded at the medical room in the facility he suddenly regained consciousness, he was then examined by the medical staff he was found to be completely unscathed. The medical officers were amazed at this and they gave him the medical go ahead to join the foundation. In the foundation he slowly but surely climbed the ranks by working hard and not compromising on his values. 

- Feats and Events: Not only is he able to survive lethal injuries but he is also a master technician having designed and upgraded even the highest security cells with high tech systems to track high priority prisoners.

O5-9 "Avarice"



-Overseer Designation: O5-9

- Codename: "Avarice"

-Description: A tall male of European decent, possessing long hair that he claims has 'never been cut'. This claim is unverified. Known for his sardonic personality and near total-recall, some believe O5-9 to be a sort of living repository for knowledge.

-Discovery: O5-9 was discovered by the Foundation after appearing in a newspaper article about a 5-year-old boy who was able to recite the entire Bible. After a cover-up campaign and the admission of amnestics to his family, he was taken into Foundation custody. Quickly realising the implications of this anomaly, O5-9 was assigned to the record-keeping department and has been there ever since.

-Feats and Events: Amnestics do not appear to work on O5-9. Some claim that he remembers things that have slipped from the collective conscious of the Foundation, but these claims remain unsubstantiated.

O5-11 "Citadel"



-Overseer Designation: O5-11

- Codename: "Citadel"

-Description: A taller, quiet male individual that is known for rarely showing their face in an act of confidentiality. Multiple tattoos can be observed across their body.

-Discovery: O5-11 was an outlaw with extensive military service before being recruited into the Foundation. Often taking to armed robberies and even murders for the infamous motorcycle gang ██████████, being the one they entrusted to enforce rules and regulations on their members as well as the one who organised strikes upon enemy gangs. 

On the night of ████████, him and his crew became involved in a shootout with an unmarked Mobile Task Force carrying out containment protocols for SCP-████ at a gang hideout. Thinking they were security that an enemy gang had hired, Citadel and his associates opened fire and caught the squad off-guard. As the fighting continued, Citadel's associates were terminated, leaving none but Citadel standing. Despite this, Citadel persisted, abnormally overwhelming the Task Force and wiping them out. 

After this altercation with the Foundation, Citadel would be hunted by several Foundation kill squads, with all attempts to terminate the subject ending in failure. Under orders of the Administrator, Citadel was to be brought in alive for questioning, subduing him via the effects of SCP-███. Due to his atypical combat abilities, Citadel was hired to lead the Foundation's security forces.

-Feats and Events: O5-11's renowned combat abilities were further tested after he submitted himself for a cross-test between SCP-████ and SCP-914, resulting in 12 MTF personnel dead before he was restrained.

O5-12 "The Curator"



- Overseer Designation: O5-12 

- Codename: “The Curator” 

- Description: A notably short in stature and physically androgynous being known to have originated from the rural American South, O5-12 is androgynous in both age and gender. One day seemingly elderly and the next seemingly infantile, varying between feminine manhood and masculine womanhood. Known to have a fascination with theology and theological history, particularly pagan and Muslim histories, in addition to a fierce fascination with the Haudenosaunee, O5-12 is also one of the most known religious and "boring" members of the Council. 

- Discovery: O5-12 was discovered while working for the ████████ ████████ ███ ███████ ██████████████ in Washington, D.C., United States of America after being noted for and achieving almost celebrity status in the archival and librarian communities internationally for their immense passion and skill in curating documents and facts relating to the Ottoman and Mughal Empires, Celtic and Hellenic theology, and the Haudenosaunee. On ██/██/████, O5-12 was recruited by the Foundation to work under the Records and Information Security Administration, eventually rising through the ranks to the Council. 

- Feats and Events: O5-12 is noted for being responsible for the curation of various Foundation records and archival sections, in addition to their work in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere as an archivist.

O5-13 "Lucky"



- Overseer Designation: O5-13 

- Codename: "Lucky" 

Description: Male individual of south Asian descent, astounding intellect and knowledge that far supersedes average. Renowned for his eccentric views and rumoured to be involved with ████ more specifically as a contractor to provide insight into long term maintenance and containment of ████████. 

Discovery: First located after a foundation probe embedded in Las Vegas highlighted the anomalous activity of an individual who seemingly couldn’t stop winning bets and other miscellaneous casino games; at the large monetary and sometimes physical expense of those around him. All attempts to subdue the individual resulted in countless anomalous incidents where upon debrief all personnel reported unique tales of misfortune that happened upon them. More diplomatic approaches were taken shortly after, leading to the individual’s designation within the foundation. 

Feats: After research involving Class-D personnel it seems that the exact nature of O5-13’s anomalous activity is intense ‘bad luck’ that befalls anyone who he deems fit. This could come in the form of misfiring a weapon or tripping repeatedly over themselves. As a result of this localised bad luck, in any situation, O5-13 appears to be much luckier than those around him. This also means that long term containment against his will is both unfeasible and intractable. 

Events: According to O5-13, the source of his anomalous powers is ████████████ where he had worked and been exposed to high levels of [REDACTED]. When testing was performed on ███████, no Class-D personnel survived, so the veracity of his anecdote cannot be verified absolutely.

Further Intelligence on O5 Command

Appointing new O5s is rare to the point of being legendary, at least publicly. Rumours persist — potentially true — that some or all of the O5 Council members are inhuman or possess supernatural powers. Rumours also persist that they are unkillable, but this is at least partially untrue, given that several are known to be deceased.

As far as I can tell (and I may be wrong), all O5 Council members are human in origin, even if altered after the fact. A minority of the O5 Council may have anomalous abilities or traits, if reports are to be believed (in particular reports on O5-1 and O5-2), but none of the O5 Council are reality benders, and most of them are simply human… but humans with access to the Water of Life, and power beyond imagining. Far, far, far too much power.

The O5s rarely intervene in the day-to-day processes of the Foundation, or the containment of SCP objects. They tend to keep an eye on Keter-Class objects, and practically micromanage Thaumiels and Apollyons.

But sometimes — rarely — they'll jump into an apparently random Euclid- or Safe-Class object's documentation, and make some summary judgement with or without explanation. After all, no explanation is required of them.

O5 Council members are officially barred from coming into contact with any anomalous entities. This is, naturally, not strictly true in practice. At minimum, all O5 Council members of sufficient tenure have access to SCP-006, a "fountain of youth", and likely to other means of prolonging their lifespan as well. And that aside, O5s tend to be able to bend rules, even their own rules.

Some reports suggest that O5s regularly switch numbers with each other, either ad hoc or on a standardised basis. They make common use of body doubles and other security and disinformation techniques.

The O5 Council appears to choose their own members should a seat become vacant, although under certain circumstances they may become accountable to the Senior staff of the Foundation.

The exact relationship between O5 Command and the Foundation's Ethics Committee is unclear. I used to think that the Committee either didn't exist or just rubber-stamped the Council's decisions, but some reports suggest that the Ethics Committee has the power to overrule or even depose the Council. Who's really in 

charge here?